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Cleaning Services

Washroom services from Active Cleaning

Active Cleaning offers a range of services.  These are designed to keep your washrooms hygienically clean, but also to create a pleasing environment that is fresh and sparkling.

The Company is committed to delivering a first-class service and decided some time ago that it needed to set up its own washroom service team in-house if it was to guarantee reliability and high-quality services.

The washroom services on offer through Active Cleaning can be tailored to suit your specific needs but generally include:

  • Feminine Hygiene Units
  • Toilet Seat Wipes
  • Air Fresheners
  • Hand air dryers
  • Toilet Roll Dispensers
  • Vending machines
  • Hand Towel or Paper Wipe Dispensers
  • Cloth Roller Towels

These services can be offered to the smallest local office, right through to multi-site, corporate locations.

Active Cleaning Contractors will ensure you, the waste producer, meet your requirement under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in respect storage, disposal and documentation.

Active Cleaning Contractors are very happy to supply washroom services separate to a daily cleaning contract and customers do not have to have both services.

Active Cleaning Contractors saved a facilities management company almost £700.00 per annum (nearly 50% of the annual spend) on the supply of feminine hygiene units to one single building during January 2007.